Child Custody and Support

child custodyLegal establishment of parent-child relationships can be one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce or separation. Our goal is to ensure clients retain their rightful role of involvement in their child’s upbringing and life. This is done while first and foremost protecting your child and diligently pursuing what is best for your child. Part of our role as attorneys in Family Law is to secure parental rights in custodial arrangements and to secure them in a manner that reduces stress and impact on children.

The The Law Office of Shannon K. Burnett can help you secure legal, physical, sole or joint/shared custody agreements or resolve child custody, support or visitation issues through two approaches: traditional litigation or Collaborative Law. Where traditional litigation relies on courts for resolution, the Collaborative Law process is a framework for parties and their attorneys work together for settlement without court intervention.

Our attorneys have served as guardian ad litems in court proceedings. As a guardian ad litem they are appointed by the Court to protect the interest of the children involved in any dispute. This background makes our attorneys very sensitive to the needs of children in any type of proceeding, and is a benchmark of choice for our work. Children are always the most important asset and consideration.

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