Collaborative Law

When families or individuals face drastic or difficult adjustments, the transition alone is often painful enough without considering related legal matters.

Thankfully, today’s legal system includes Collaborative Law. Collaborative Law is a team approach to resolution that resolves disputes with dignity and respect. Our goal is amicable resolution without the psychological effects, feelings and resentment that can sabotage futures. At the The Law Office of Shannon K. Burnett, we walk with you, working for an equitable, positive solution so you can focus on what’s important to you and your family: the future.

How it Works

collaborative lawCollaborative Law is the process for all parties and your attorneys to work together to negotiate a fair settlement without court intervention. Collaboration begins before any court documents are filed. With the help of your attorneys, you will choose a team of specialists, which may include only the attorneys, or the addition of collaboratively trained divorce therapists, coaches, child specialists, certified divorce financial specialists and other people from the community that you deem important such as pastors, personal therapists or CPAs. After all parties sign a Participation Agreement, the process begins. You, and your team, analyze the problems, generate options and create a context for settlement. Through conference, all parties and the team (as needed) work through the defined issues and challenges particular to your family. Once all issues are resolved and a formal agreement has been drafted, legal proceedings are initiated only for the purpose of having a Judge approve the agreement and make it an order of the Court. The hearing should not be confrontational.

Collaborative Law has its own unique benefits. If you’d like to learn more about Collaborative Law services:


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